Share Ad Preview for Performance Max

Share Ad Preview for Performance Max
Photo by FlyD / Unsplash

Google Ads has rolled out a new feature allowing advertisers to share previews of Performance Max campaigns via External Preview Links, mirroring capabilities previously exclusive to Display campaigns.

This update addresses the challenge of demonstrating to clients the varied appearances of Performance Max ads across different placements and formats.

By generating a shareable URL through the campaign's asset group options, advertisers can now easily present ad previews to clients or team members without requiring access to the Google Ads account. This improvement is poised to streamline client approvals and facilitate the troubleshooting of ad variations.

I love this update - as it should make it much easier to get client buy in on Performance Max, but should also allow you to troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise in the different combinations available.

🥇 1st Contributor: Scott Carruthers


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