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In the ever-evolving world of the Paid Media industry, staying ahead of the curve is a challenge. Navigating through the noise on various platforms can be overwhelming.

This is where the PPC News Community steps in - a dedicated haven for PPC professionals. Here, you can exchange insights, receive valuable feedback, and gain well-deserved recognition, all within a streamlined and focused environment.


PPC News started in 2021 as a humble Slack channel created to address the needs of clients, agency owners, and PPC executives overwhelmed by the constant flux in the paid media industry.

Our Mission

Fast forward to today, and PPC News has become more than just a Slack channel. We aim to empower the PPC community with concise, reliable, and actionable insights. Every week, we sift through the myriad updates, new features, and trends to bring you essential information neatly packaged for quick consumption.

This platform is designed to:

  • Keep the PPC community informed and ahead of the curve
  • Nurture the next wave of PPC talents
  • Spotlight emerging leaders

Our Process

We adopt a rigorous three-step process for curating content:

  1. Gathering official updates across various platforms to compile a comprehensive list of verified news.
  2. We are scouring reputable outlets like TechCrunch and Search Engine Land for fresh perspectives beyond mere reiterations.
  3. We are spotlighting individual contributors who first bring unannounced changes to light.

A Streamlined PPC News Experience:

We're committed to delivering PPC news in a digestible and engaging format. Subscribers can delve deeper into topics and community discussions, enriching their PPC knowledge whenever desired.

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Quality Over Quantity: We understand the frustration of wading through irrelevant content. Our daily updates, curated by seasoned PPC experts, ensure that only the most significant and impactful information reaches you—no more endless scrolling, just straight-to-the-point, valuable PPC content.
  2. Tailored Alerts: Customize your PPC News experience with notifications from channels that matter most to you. Stay informed, not overwhelmed.
  3. Comprehensive Archives: We do more than report updates; we delve into their significance and practical applications. Plus, our interactive platform celebrates and showcases the contributions of our community members, fostering a culture of recognition and collective learning.
  4. Accessibility & Inclusiveness: We believe in making this community accessible. For just $10 a month, you get access to our channel feeds, ongoing support, and expert sessions, all priced for global affordability, plus the ability to invite two colleagues.
  5. Recognition & Rewards: Introducing the 'PPC Contributors' program - a point-based system akin to YouTube’s model. Your contributions, whether updates or in-depth analyses, earn you points. These points translate into quarterly profit shares, rewarding your active involvement and expertise.

Your Role, Your Impact:

Your participation is crucial. Share your expertise, offer unbiased feedback, and engage to your heart's content. If time is tight, let us know – we’re here to support and amplify your ideas.

(1) Share Your Insights: You don't need to be a moderator to make an impact. Contribute to the latest news using this form: [Submit a PPC News]

(2) When creating a profile, you can become a Contributor and claim all of your posts present on PPC News. That's the way we can promote you.

(3) To enhance your experience and facilitate direct access to relevant information, our Jedi Knights (or Supporters) can now invite up to two colleagues to join our community at no additional cost.

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Thanks again for being at the forefront of PPC collaboration!

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