Google has released its 2023 Ads Safety Report

Google has released its 2023 Ads Safety Report

Google recently published its annual Ads Safety Report, which highlights its efforts to enhance ad policy enforcement and combat fraud using generative AI.

The report showcases the deployment of large language models (LLMs) for improved detection and removal of problematic ads, including those making unreliable financial claims.

Notably, Google has introduced a Limited Ads Serving policy aimed at protecting users from scams by restricting the reach of new advertisers without a track record.

Throughout the year, Google has blocked or removed 206.5 million ads for misrepresentation and 273.4 million for violating financial services policies.

The report also emphasizes Google's commitment to election integrity, with over 5,000 new election advertisers verified and over 7.3 million election ads removed for non-compliance.

Overall, Google's AI-driven efforts led to over 5.5 billion ads being blocked or removed and 12.7 million advertiser accounts being suspended in 2023.

[Google Ads & Commerce Blog]

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