New fields in Search Ads 360 available: Label (Keyword) and Label (Ad)

New fields in Search Ads 360 available: Label (Keyword) and Label (Ad)

Google's Looker Studio has introduced two new label fields to its New Search Ads 360 connector. Label (Keyword) and Label (Ad) are the latest key features.

Those new fields enable marketers to :

  • track and analyze keyword performance, segment, and report ad performance based on custom labels assigned within Search Ads 360.
  • Analyzing their Search Ads 360 data in new ways within Looker Studio makes reporting on specific campaign elements tagged with custom labels easier.
  • improve their campaign structure analysis, A/B testing, and competitive benchmarking.

Access the new label fields using the updated New Search Ads 360 connector within Looker Studio, which is part of the Google Marketing Platform.

Looker Studio is part of Google Marketing Platform and offers users the ability to connect to various data sources, including Google Search Ads 360, to create custom visualizations and dashboards for further analysis and reporting.

[Looker Studio]

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