GA4 expands its Looker Studio API, introducing New Dimensions

GA4 expands its Looker Studio API, introducing New Dimensions

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has expanded its Looker Studio API and connector, introducing new dimensions to improve reporting and analysis.

The recent additions include:

  • Primary Channel Group: Offers refined insights into channel performance.
  • Manual Traffic Source: Allows for customized traffic source tracking.
  • Campaign Manager 360: Integrates detailed campaign data.
  • Google Display & Video 360: Enables advanced display and video advertising analytics.
  • Google Search Ads 360: Provides comprehensive search advertising data.
  • Audience Id: Offers deeper audience segmentation analysis.

To utilize the new dimensions available in the GA4 connector for Looker Studio, users need to refresh their data source by going to Data source > Update fields.

These enhancements give users added functionalities to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions.

🥇 1st Contributor: Brais Calvo Vázquez


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