EU Court Mandates Amazon to Create an Ads Library

EU Court Mandates Amazon to Create an Ads Library
Photo by Bryan Angelo / Unsplash

In a decisive ruling, the highest court of the European Union has ordered Amazon to establish a publicly accessible online archive that contains detailed information about the advertisements on its platform. This ruling enforces the Digital Services Act's (DSA) ads transparency requirements on Amazon, bringing it in line with other tech giants under the same regulation since late August 2023.

Amazon had previously challenged its designation and temporary suspension of the ad library provision, but the ruling overturned it, emphasizing the importance of EU lawmakers' objectives in promoting online governance and transparency.

This ruling underscores a strong commitment to platform transparency and demands that Amazon disclose ad details, a stance Amazon disputes while continuing to challenge its designation under the DSA. Non-compliance risks include investigations and potential fines of up to 6% of their global annual turnover.


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