Sync Google Merchant Center & PMax with Microsoft Advertising

Sync Google Merchant Center & PMax with Microsoft Advertising
Photo by Scott Graham / Unsplash

In a major update, Microsoft Advertising now allows you to import your entire Google Merchant Center, including your Shopping Feed, directly into your Bing Ads Account. This integration streamlines the process of managing your online storefronts across both platforms, enhancing efficiency and expanding your advertising reach.

Two Easy Methods for Integration:

  1. Direct Store Import: Navigate to "Merchant Center" within your Bing Ads account, choose to import an existing store from Google Merchant Center, and simply log in to your Google Account.
  2. Performance max campaign sync: Import your Pmax campaign within Bing Ads, opting to include Shopping Products, then sign in to your Google Ads Account.

This update not only simplifies campaign management but also enriches the Microsoft Merchant Center experience by enabling feed fetching, country targeting, and comprehensive reporting directly within your Bing Ads account.

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Author: Thomas Eccel

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