Search Partner Network (SPN) opt-out will be removed at the account level

Google Ads is set to remove the option to opt out of the Search Partner Network (SPN) at the account level on April 11, 2024. However, search and shopping campaigns will still have the option to opt-out at the campaign level. This change does not apply to Performance Max, UAC, Smart Shopping, and Smart Campaigns, which cannot be opted out of SPN at the campaign level.

To enhance ad safety and control, Google Ads is introducing several mechanisms:

  • Placement Transparency Report: For Performance Max campaigns, it offers visibility into where ads are being placed.
  • Placement Control: allowing exclusions of specific placements at the account level.
  • Brand Safety measures: enable advertisers to exclude sites with undesirable content from displaying their ads.


🥇 1st Contributor: Carolina Torres

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