New Facebook Ad Metrics Labeled as 'In Development'

New Facebook Ad Metrics Labeled as 'In Development'
Photo by Julio Lopez / Unsplash

Bram Van der Hallen provided fresh insights into ad engagement with a detailed explanation of new experimental metrics from Meta.

  • 3-, 5-, and 7-Second Dwells: Measures time your ad fully engages viewers.
  • Unique Attention Impressions: Counts users more engaged with your ad than typical content.
  • Message Exchanges (2, 3, 5): Tracks conversation exchanges driven by your ads.
  • Returning Messaging Contacts: Identifies repeat messaging contacts, excluding WhatsApp and users from Europe and Japan.
  • 60-Second Calls: Quantifies successful calls over 60 seconds initiated by ads.

Still under refinement, these metrics aim to deepen advertiser insights into performance and engagement but should be used cautiously for directional guidance only.

🥇 1st Contributor: Bram Van der Hallen


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