[New] Maximize conversion value bid strategy for search and shopping campaigns

[New] Maximize conversion value bid strategy for search and shopping campaigns

Microsoft announces the extension of the maximize conversion value bid strategy, previously exclusive to smart shopping campaigns, to all search and shopping search campaigns.

This strategy aims to optimize for high-value conversions and overall sales value, automatically adjusting bids in real time to achieve the greatest total conversion value within an advertiser's budget. Advertisers with specific ROI (return on investment) objectives can incorporate a Target ROAS (target return on ad spend) for enhanced precision.

Microsoft Ads Bid Strategy selection with Maximize Conversion Value (automated bidding) strategy selected that sets the bids to get the most conversion value

This update offers advertisers an alternative to the maximize conversions strategy, which focuses on maximizing conversion numbers within the budget limits.

Successful implementation of these strategies necessitates conversion tracking through Universal Event Tracking (UET) or offline conversions, ensuring advertisers can fine-tune their campaigns for peak performance. For a comprehensive overview of maximising conversion value and other bid strategies, visit Microsoft Advertising's guide on managed bid strategies.


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