⚠️ Mandatory CRM audience update in Google Ads by March 6

⚠️ Mandatory CRM audience update in Google Ads by March 6
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

There needs to be some clarification regarding the need for advertisers to re-upload CRM audiences to align with Google's updated Customer Match policies and Consent Mode V2.

It was believed that, after March 6, any CRM audiences that still need to be verified for compliance would diminish and eventually become inactive, impacting your campaign effectiveness.

After the discussion, Ginny Marvin clarified that it was not the case.

Expert Perspective: Just to clear things up, the checkbox for confirming your adherence to Customer Match policies isn't new—you've always had to tick it to show you're following the rules before uploading your lists. There is no need for customers to re-upload their lists with the introduction of the updated consent feature in the UI. But remember, data can become less useful over time, so it's wise to update your lists to keep them current regularly.

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Author: Mihai Ciurea

See official documentation below [source]

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