In-app video ads, enhanced targeting, and measurement in Lyft Media

In-app video ads, enhanced targeting, and measurement in Lyft Media

Lyft Media expands its advertising reach by introducing nationwide in-app video ads on iOS and Android. In collaboration with Oracle, Lyft Media prepares for enhanced targeting. It further partners with Nielsen for third-party brand measurement.

These in-app video ads, launched in August 2023, target Lyft's 22.4 million active riders, offering brands a captive audience during rides with the option for ads lasting from 15 seconds to 4 minutes. Initial partners include Warner Bros. and United Airlines, with campaigns already surpassing industry viewability standards.

Brand Measurement Partnerships: Lyft's new Nielsen partnership offers brand and sales performance solutions alongside audience verification through Nielsen ONE. Additionally, Lyft continues its collaboration with Kantar and Reveal Mobile for comprehensive ad campaign effectiveness studies.

Targeting Innovations: Lyft enriches ad targeting capabilities through Oracle Advertising’s Data Enrichment, leveraging ride data and retail purchase behaviour for precise audience segmentation.

This expansion underscores Lyft's commitment to evolving as a full-funnel marketing platform, offering brands innovative ways to engage audiences and measure ad impact effectively.


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