Google has discreetly introduced 'Products' and 'Product Site as default

Google has discreetly implemented significant modifications to its search results, introducing 'Products' and 'Product Sites' tabs as default options in the UK and Europe. This shift departs from the traditional 'Web Results' and replaces the 'Forums' tab, aiming to refine the shopping search experience.

The 'Products' tab showcases organic listings from various merchants, while 'Product Sites' focuses on pages with product selections, sometimes utilizing a carousel format. Despite extensive testing, the criteria for carousel inclusion, possibly related to the experimental Carousel (ItemList) structured data, remains unclear.

This change, now standard for all users in these regions, emphasizes Google's ongoing efforts to enhance search relevance and user experience in e-commerce.

If you're in the affected areas, keep an eye out for these updates, as they could significantly impact visibility and traffic for e-commerce sites.

Source: post

Author: Brodie Clark

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