AI-powered Search ads with new asset changes

AI-powered Search ads with new asset changes

Responsive search ads can display one headline when predicted to enhance performance, with headlines eligible to appear at the beginning of description lines, offering advertisers more tailored options for engagement. The single headline will be present, with the second headline moved to the front of the description to enhance performance.

Campaign-level headlines and descriptions are introduced, empowering advertisers to associate assets across campaigns, schedule them, and pin them to specific positions for optimized ad delivery.

New campaign-level headlines and descriptions allow for up to three or two descriptions, which can be scheduled or pinned.

Additionally, dynamic assets like images, site links, callouts, and structured snippets generated by Google AI will now be eligible to display alongside or replace manually created assets, enhancing ad engagement based on performance predictions. [Google Ads]

Expert Perspective: Pinning remains an option for ads requiring specific headlines for legal or branding reasons, and the Combinations report will provide insights on ad asset performance. (Ginny Marvin)
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