[Deep Dive] Optimizing Google Ads through Cross-Channel Bid Strategies

[Deep Dive] Optimizing Google Ads through Cross-Channel Bid Strategies

Cross-channel bid optimization utilizes marginal ROI to enhance ad performance across platforms, prioritizing the cost-effectiveness of additional conversions and the value of increased spend. This approach allows advertisers to cast a wider net, leveraging Google AI to identify high-ROI opportunities across multiple channels rather than being restricted by average ROI metrics that may overlook potential high-value conversions in individual auctions.

Expert Perspective: “Marginal Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) challenges traditional PPC methods by emphasizing the value derived from additional advertising spend rather than average performance metrics. Google suggests Maximize Conversion Value bid strategies thrive under less restrictive conditions, as narrowing down targeting or leaving channels out can result in missed opportunities.” (adriann dekker) [see original content]

Narrow targeting often comes from using average ROI to determine whether a performance segment is valuable. Looking at the average CPA or ROAS for individual segments within a campaign can be misleading. This is because average values don't reflect the cumulative value of maximizing marginal conversions or conversion value in every auction. 

Find more high-ROI conversions by expanding from a single-channel to a cross-channel bidding strategy.

Even if a segment has a lower overall ROI than others on average across all auctions, it may still be the most performant traffic with the highest marginal ROI within a single auction. Here’s another example:

[Google Ads]

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