Google Ads Editor updates to Version 2.6

Google Ads Editor updates to Version 2.6
Photo by Solen Feyissa / Unsplash

The latest update to Google Ads Editor, version 2.6, introduces significant features, including - migrating Google Display ads to Performance Max campaigns
- support for Performance Max experiments
- new bidding strategies like Reserve CPM.

Enhancements include suggested fields for "Add Responsive Display ad" recommendations, support for multi-asset responsive video ads, and third-party measurement settings adjustments, alongside the deprecation of Local campaigns and legacy image assets. [Google Ads Editor]

First spotted by Gabriela

8 new features & 2 deprecated features from Google Ads Editor 2.6 version:

👍 Google Display ads to Performance Max migration - Editor now supports migrating Display campaigns to Performance Max campaigns.

👍 Performance Max migration with experiments - The editor now supports creating and managing experiments in Performance Max! There is also support for Display to Performance Max migration.

👍 Suggested fields for “Add Responsive Display ad” recommendation - You can now find recommended fields when you apply the “Add Responsive Display ad” recommendation in Editor.

👍 Editor now supports Reserve cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), a bidding strategy similar to Target CPM.

👍 Multi-asset responsive video ads - The editor now supports multi-asset ads for video campaigns. You can add up to 5 videos, headlines, long headlines, descriptions, and calls-to-action for each responsive video ad.

👍 Paused by system

The editor now supports filtering various “Paused by system” reasons. One possible reason is “System error,” which may happen when an ad group is copy-pasted in the front-end and issues occur where it cannot be adequately copy-pasted.

👍 Inline audiences - The editor now supports inline audiences on asset groups and ad groups. Instead of attaching a shared named audience from the library, leveraging demographic and audience signals directly on the ad or asset group is now possible.

👍 Third-party measurement settings- You can now view account-level third-party measurement settings and make edits at the campaign level. Edits apply to Video, Demand Generation, and Performance Max campaigns.

Deprecated features

👎 Local campaigns - Local campaigns are deprecated and no longer supported in Google Ads Editor. All existing campaigns have been deleted, and you can no longer create new Local campaigns.

👎 Legacy image assets - All legacy feed-based image assets have been migrated to upgraded assets. “Image extensions” views from Google Ads Editor have been removed, and upgraded assets are now under “Image assets.”

What do you think about these new features?

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