Transition to OpenRTB Protocol

Transition to OpenRTB Protocol

Initiated in November 2010, the RTB Project (originally the OpenRTB Consortium) unites technology frontrunners from supply and demand sectors to establish open protocol standards for automated digital media trading across diverse platforms and devices.

Google has declared that the Authorized Buyers Real-time Bidding protocol will be deprecated by February 15, 2025, in favor of adopting the OpenRTB standard to streamline industry practices.

Advertisers are urged to migrate to the OpenRTB format, with Google providing a comprehensive migration guide to facilitate a seamless transition.

Why it matters? Real-time Bidding (RTB) transforms digital advertising by enabling instant, programmatic auctions for individual ad impressions, mirroring financial market transactions. This innovative approach offers Addressable Advertising capabilities, targeting consumers with unprecedented precision based on demographics, behaviors, and more.

[Google Ads Developer]

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