Gemini models enhance Performance Max's creative capabilities

Gemini models enhance Performance Max's creative capabilities
Photo by Kai Wenzel / Unsplash

Google Ads introduces Gemini models to Performance Max, offering AI-powered features for generating more effective ad creatives, including long headlines and site link generation.

Enhancements to Performance Max

The update brings several key improvements to Performance Max campaigns:

  1. AI-Powered Asset Generation: The launch of AI-powered asset generation and image editing tools in November was just the beginning. With the global rollout of these features, advertisers can now efficiently generate more text and image assets. The addition of Gemini models further enhances these capabilities, enabling the creation of assets that are not only diverse but also more contextually relevant and engaging.

  2. Image Generation and Editing: The upcoming upgrade to Imagen 2, explicitly adapted for Google Ads, will allow advertisers to generate lifestyle imagery that showcases people in action. This is a significant step forward in creating more relatable and engaging ads. The ability to add and edit backgrounds featuring people will provide advertisers with more flexibility in tailoring their visuals to match their campaign messages.

  3. Control and Compliance: Despite these advanced capabilities, Google ensures that advertisers control the creative process completely. All generated images are subject to review before being used in campaigns, adhering to Google's strict Ads policies and generative AI usage guidelines. This ensures that the content remains appropriate and practical without compromising ethical standards.

Source: Google Ads

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