GA4 introduces Primary Channel Groups in Channel reports

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has implemented a significant update with the introduction of Primary Channel Groups, which will now serve as the default setting in Channel reports. Key aspects of this update include:

  • Primary Channel Grouping will be the first option displayed in Channel Reports, emphasizing its importance in data analysis.
  • Users can designate Custom Channel Groupings as their Primary Channel Grouping, allowing for tailored analysis that suits specific business needs.
  • Any modifications to the Primary Channel Grouping will apply prospectively, impacting data interpretation for comparative analyses across different time frames. Careful consideration is needed to ensure accurate comparisons when comparing pre- and post-adjustment data.
  • Despite prioritising Primary Channel Groupings, all channel groupings remain accessible for selection from a dropdown menu, ensuring comprehensive analytical capabilities.

This update aims to enhance data organization and interpretation in GA4, though the absence of annotations could pose challenges in tracking and understanding changes over time.

Source: Google Analytics (first spotted by Marouf Ali & Josh Silverbauer)

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