DoubleVerify & Roku uncover major CTV ad fraud scheme "CycloneBot"

DoubleVerify & Roku uncover major CTV ad fraud scheme "CycloneBot"
Photo by Growtika / Unsplash

A significant connected TV (CTV) ad fraud scheme named "CycloneBot" has been exposed by DoubleVerify and Roku, reportedly costing advertisers around $7.5 million per month. This scheme represents one of the most significant CTV fraud operations discovered in recent years, characterized by its ability to mimic extended viewing sessions, thus evading typical fraud detection methods.

Unlike other fraud schemes that generate brief, suspicious session times, CycloneBot creates the illusion of legitimate viewer engagement by spoofing longer session durations and developing an extraordinary 250 million fake ad requests daily across 1.5 million devices.

The detection of CycloneBot was notably facilitated by Roku's Advertising Watermark technology, which authenticates bid requests to ensure they represent genuine CTV impressions.

This safeguard prevented the fraud scheme from impacting advertisers utilizing Roku's platform. The revelation of CycloneBot underscores the evolving complexity of CTV ad fraud and the critical need for advanced verification measures within the industry. Roku is currently discussing adapting the Advertising Watermark into a broader industry standard to effectively combat such sophisticated fraud tactics.

Source: DigiDay

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