Deep Dive: Consent Mode V2

By March 6th, it's crucial to implement Consent Mode to continue using essential tools like Remarketing Lists, Customer Match, Dynamic Remarketing, Lookalike Audiences, Customized "recent users" Audiences, New Customer Acquisition Goals (NCA), and more.

Who is affected?

If you conduct business within the European Economic Area / UK or your website visitors are individuals whose data falls under that jurisdiction, you may be required to implement Consent Mode. This requirement applies if you utilize Google's advertising services directly or via GA4.

Consent Mode currently affects only the "personalization" aspect of ads, which means its impact is not as significant as initially anticipated. Learn more below:

How do you think you could implement it?

To help you with the implementation, I have gathered a few guides:

What lies ahead?

Rumours suggest that by the end of Q4 2024, Consent Mode may also impact Conversion Tracking. Although this hasn't been officially announced, Google Webinars and Google Reps have been teasing this significant conversion tracking change for some time now. (from Thomas Eccel)

Which CMP is right for me?

I recommend using either Complianz, Cookiebot, UserCentrics or to enhance user-friendliness (no affiliate links). There are many solutions, and their pricing can vary based on sessions.

For a comprehensive list of Consent Mode Providers, you can visit this link:
Consent Mode Providers.

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