Content API for shopping now has an automatic quota.

Google has updated the Content API for Shopping to feature automatic quota adjustments, ensuring quotas for products and accounts scale with your account's growth. This shift from static to dynamic quota management means the previously used limits guide chart has been removed. Users can now ascertain their current daily and per-minute quotas via the quotas.list service.

Notably, specific errors like "too_many_items" and "too_many_subaccounts" will not benefit from automatic quota increases and require direct requests for higher quotas. Automatic quota adjustments are specific to products and accounts services. Requests for increased API quotas for other services or temporary enhancements must include your Merchant Center ID, affected methods, estimated call volume, and the reason for the increase. Google's quota policy emphasizes the efficiency of updates, recommending not more than two product updates and one account status check per day.

[Google Ads Developer]

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