Capture Spring Sales with Innovative AR and VR Features on Google Ads

As the spring shopping season blossoms, Google Ads is set to revolutionize how shoppers interact with products online. With an emphasis on reducing returns and enhancing customer confidence, Google introduced a suite of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tools designed to offer a more immersive shopping experience.

Key Highlights:

  • 55% of online apparel shoppers have returned items due to mismatches in expectations. Google's AR and VR features aim to mitigate this by providing a more accurate preview of products, from the right shade of makeup to the perfect fit of clothes in a space.
  • Spring Try Guide Site: Leveraging editorial content curated by influencers, this platform features trending products and guides across key retail categories such as apparel, beauty, home decor, and footwear. This initiative is designed to drive excitement and direct traffic to brands, highlighting shopping experiences like AR try-ons for beauty products, style filters for apparel, and a 'Get it fast filter' for home goods.

Innovative Features to Explore:

AR Beauty Experiences: Google allows shoppers to see how beauty products look on them before purchase, leading to increased confidence and longer time spent on brands' sites.

Apparel Virtual Try-On: This tool lets customers see how clothes look on real people of various sizes, from XXS to XXXL, showcasing how clothing fits different body types.

3D Images and Augmented Reality for Products: Shoppers can interact with 3D images of products like trainers and furniture on Google Search, offering a nearly 50% higher engagement rate than static images.

For Brands:

  • Google encourages brands to make their products AR-enabled and optimize their campaigns to capture interested shoppers this spring.
  • AR beauty ads and the automatic opt-in for Apparel Try-On for brands with a shopping feed and high-quality imagery are just a couple of ways Google is making it easier for brands to engage with their audience.

Capture the Opportunity:

  • Use AI-powered campaigns and insights tools to capture new seasonal demand and maximize ROI across Google's platforms.
  • For physical locations, drive in-store traffic, increase sales with Performance Max for store goals, and optimize your omnichannel bidding strategy with Smart Bidding for store sales.

As spring approaches, Google Ads empowers brands to leverage AR and VR features, ensuring products meet shoppers’ expectations and significantly reducing the likelihood of returns and exchanges. Dive into these innovative features and transform your digital storefront to capture the vibrant spring sales season.

Posted by: Richard Manso, Senior Director of Commerce & Retail Ads

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