Apple faces a potential EU fine over Spotify complaint

Apple faces a potential EU fine over Spotify complaint
Photo by Christian Lue / Unsplash

The European Commission is close to deciding on Spotify's complaint against Apple, which may lead to a hefty €500 million fine for Apple. The complaint alleges Apple engaged in anti-competitive practices in the streaming music market. In response, Apple has highlighted its role in Spotify's growth and has pointed out the extensive use that Spotify makes of Apple's services and platforms.

Apple argues that Spotify wants to access its tools without fair compensation. This case highlights broader concerns about competition in the music streaming sector, affecting not just Spotify but also competitors like Deezer and Soundcloud. Apple's proactive defence demonstrates the importance of this ruling for both the tech and music streaming industries.

Spotify responded to Apple’s statement with one of its own, saying:

Spotify’s success has happened despite Apple’s best efforts to gain an artificial advantage by favoring their own music service at every turn while placing roadblocks and imposing unfair restrictions on ours. Under their current rules Apple controls Spotify’s access to its own customers and gives Spotify one of two untenable options: We either have to deliver a poor user experience where we can’t directly communicate how to buy or subscribe to Spotify on iPhones or we have to accept a 30% cost disadvantage against our biggest competitor. This is not a level playing field. We support the European Commission and trust that they will take action soon to create a fair ecosystem for everyone involved. [TechCrunch]
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