Amazon SKU economics report: For your product's bottom-line performance

Amazon SKU economics report: For your product's bottom-line performance
Photo by Nico Baum / Unsplash

Amazon introduced the SKU Economics Report, a comprehensive tool designed to offer sellers a complete overview of their product's financial health. This report consolidates critical data points, including sales, inventory and processing fees, advertising costs, and net proceeds, allowing for a detailed analysis of a product's profitability over specified periods.

Features of the report include:

  • Historical Data: Enables sellers to track profitability trends over time.
  • Granular Insights: Offers detailed analyses at various levels, such as parent-ASIN, child-ASIN, mSKU, or FNSKU.
  • All-Inclusive Fees: Breakdown of Amazon's fees, including fulfilment, storage, referral fees, etc.
  • Advertising Performance: Assessment of profitability from ads, coupons, and deals campaigns.
  • Cost Control: Allows sellers to input their per-unit costs for a more accurate net profit calculation.

The SKU Economics Report is an all-encompassing resource for sellers to make informed decisions regarding inventory management and product strategy. Accessible via Seller Central, this tool aims to empower Amazon sellers with the insights needed to optimize their offerings and boost profitability.


🥇 1st Contributor: Vanessa Hung

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