Amazon Ads API updates for Jan 2024

Amazon Ads has released the below updates for January 2024.

These updates help advertisers keep track of the changes that are made, and prepare themselves.

  • Ads account registration and account details endpoints: Amazon Ads API has introduced globalized registration and account details endpoints, now available in open beta. Technology partners can seamlessly integrate Amazon Ads onboarding within their platforms, while advertisers eligible for multiple countries can now manage one advertising account with a new globalized account ID.
  • Amazon DSP events manager signals now in AMC (Jan 2024): Amazon DSP Events Manager signals, through Amazon Ad Tag, Conversions API, and Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) integrations are now integrated into AMC. AMC users can tap into off-Amazon signals from October 20, 2023.
  • Drive traffic to your store page (Jan 2024) [for US, CA, MX]: Advertisers can now leverage Sponsored Display images or videos to direct shoppers straight to their Store pages, maximizing engagement and brand storytelling.
  • Sponsored Display custom creatives with auto-translation (Jan 2024): Sponsored Display custom creatives will now automatically translate into all supported languages within a marketplace, expanding visibility and providing a seamless experience for shoppers in their preferred language.
  • Forecast for Sponsored Brands (Jan 2024): Forecast ad impressions by leveraging machine-learning models built on historical campaigns with similar settings using Amazon Ads API.
  • For KDP and traditional authors Sponsored Brands V4 API launched (Jan 2024): Sponsored Brands V4 API helps advertisers efficiently create and manage ad group-based campaigns for books, whether KDP or traditionally published.

Source: Amazon Ads API

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