Meta is rolling out an update to account-wide audience controls.

Meta is rolling out an update to account-wide audience controls.
Photo by Dima Solomin / Unsplash

Meta is enhancing its audience control features within Ad Account Settings.

It now extends these controls to cover all campaign types, excluding Advantage+ app campaigns. This update introduces an account-wide application of location and minimum age limits to all ad sets, ensuring compliance with regional and age-related advertising restrictions.

Meta Ads screenshot showing Audience controls of location and minimum age limits that apply to all campaigns within the ad account.

Once set, these parameters cannot be overridden in individual ad sets, streamlining the ad setup process while maintaining adherence to specified limitations. While beneficial for businesses with specific service areas or age-restricted products, it's advised against unnecessarily restricting audiences to maintain advertising effectiveness.

Meta Ads audience targeting settings showing only minimum possible age limit set at ad account level


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